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Sinoma-EC Signing Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Geological Exploration Center

PublishDate:2021-09-24 Source:

  On September 22th, Ma Mingliang, Party Secretary, Chairman & President of Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd.(hereafter called Sinoma-EC) gave a warm reception to Wu Yan (Party Secretary & Director) and his entourages from China National Geological Exploration Center of Building Materials Industry (hereafter called Geological Exploration Center). Huang Jianfeng, Vice President & Secretary of the Board of Directors and Li Zhiwei, Vice Director of Geological Exploration Center signed the agreement on behalf of both sides respectively.


  Wu Yan showed his sincere thanks to Sinoma-EC for the warm reception and briefly introduced the current business development and future planning ideas. He advocated that the two sides should expand the scope of cooperation, tap the cooperation potential, establish deeper friendship and achieve faster coordinated development in each other’s business areas.


  Ma Mingliang warmly welcomed Wu Yan as well as his entourages and thanked the Geological Exploration Center for its concern and support. His introduction revolved around the basic situation, main business, operation during the 13th Five-Year Plan and the 14th Five-Year strategic plan of Sinoma-EC. He expressed that the friendly cooperative relationship has been established between Sinoma-EC and Geological Exploration Center. It was a hope that through the joint efforts, both sides would give full play to their respective advantages, further enhancing exchanges, deepening mutual understanding and strengthening interaction for promoting greater development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides in various fields.


  Both sides achieved consensus that for establishing CNBM into a world-class material industry investment group with global competitiveness, in the future, they would deepen business cooperation, enhance capital investment layout and strive for innovation-driven development,coordinated development and high-quality development.



  Liu Hongtao  Director Assistant & Director of Investment and Development Department of Geological Exploration Center

  Tao Yong  Director of Operation and Management Department of Geological Exploration Center

  Liu Zhiru  Vice Director of Operation and Management Department of Geological Exploration Center

  Guo Dangsheng  Party Secretary, Chairman & General Manager of Geological Exploration Center

  Gao Guanbin  Party Secretary & Chief of Hebei Branch of Geological Exploration Center

  Qi Jianming  President of Geological Environment Monitoring Institute of Hebei Branch of Geological Exploration Center

  Liu Xide  Deputy Party Secretary & Vice Chairman of Sinoma-EC

  Dong Lanqi  Chief Engineer of Sinoma-EC

  Zhou Shaozong  General Manager of Sinoma-EC (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.