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Sinoma-EC Signing a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with CMEC

PublishDate:2021-09-20 Source:


  On September 17th, there was a signing ceremony held between Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd. (hereafter called Sinoma-EC) and China Machinery Engineering Corporation (hereafter called CMEC) for the strategic cooperation agreement. Ma Mingliang, Party Secretary, Chairman & President of Sinoma-EC and Fang Yanshui, Deputy Party Secretary & General Manager of CMEC signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of the both sides respectively.

  After extending a warm welcome to Ma Mingliang as well as his entourages, Fang Yanshui introduced the development history of CMEC and its representative achievements in the field like clean energy, traffic engineering and construction engineering. He said that the signing of the agreement marks a new journey to deepen mutual trust and seek common development has been initiated between two sides. It is hoped that the both sides can put the communication and docking mechanism in place, spare no efforts to promote the implementation of specific projects and realize complementary advantages, resource sharing and common development depending on this agreement. 

  Ma Mingliang showed his thanks to the warm reception of Fang Yanshui. He said that CMEC, as the key enterprise of Sinomach, is among the first batch of international business pioneers after reform and opening up, which enjoys a good reputation and influence in the industry. As the subsidiary of CNBM, Sinoma-EC specializes in energy conservation and emission reduction and maintains a good performance and superiorities in energy conservation and environmental protection engineering, clean resource engineering, building energysavingmaterial industry, new equipment manufacturing and other aspects.He expressed that the signing is a new startfor cooperation between Sinoma-EC and CMEC and it is hope that the both sides can do a good job in accurate docking, constantly promote cooperation upgrading and jointly construct a long-term, stable and high efficient partnership.

  In accordance with the agreement, both sides will give full play to their own advantages,  bring forth new ideas in cooperative modes. While launching in-depth cooperation in the field like energy conservation & environmental protection, and clean energy engineering, the emphasis also should be put on the expansion of cooperation areas. Besides, in order to make the all-round & sustainable cooperation come true, it is necessary to strengthen in-depth cooperation in key field.

  Before the talks, accompanied by Fang Yanshui and other leaders, Ma Mingliang and his entourages visited the exhibition hall of CMEC, intuitively understanding its historical evolution, business layout and honors.



  Xie Ke  Deputy General Manager of CMEC

  Li Kan  General Manager Assistant of CMEC

  Ding Dongxing  Deputy General Manager of Strategic Development and Coordination Management Department of CMEC

  Chen Xiangdong  Deputy General Manager of the Fourth Engineering Complete Business Division of CMEC

  Ge Liwu  Vice President of Sinoma-EC & General Manager of Sinoma-EC Energy Resources & Environmental Protection Branch

  Wei Wenhua  Vice President of Sinoma-EC & President of Sinoma-EC Industrial Design Institute

  Huang Jianfeng  Vice President, Secretary of the Board of Directors & General Counselof Sinoma-EC

  Cheng Lixia  Director of Investment & Development Department