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Sinoma-EC Signed a Cooperation Agreement on SCR DeNOxBusiness with Zhejiang Shengwang

PublishDate:2021-08-14 Source:投资与发展部

  On the afternoon of August 14, there was a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation agreement held between Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd. (hereafter called Sinoma-EC) and Zhejiang Shengwang Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereafter called “Zhejiang Shengwang”). Ma Mingliang, Party Secretary, Chairman & President of Sinoma-EC and Sheng Shutang, Chairman of Zhejiang Shengwang were present with Huang Jianfeng, Deputy President and Secretary of Board of Sinoma-EC and Sheng Bin, General Manager of Zhejiang Shengwang, on behalf of both companies, signing the agreement. 



  As the subsidiary of CNBM, Sinoma-EC mainly engages in energy conservation and environmental protection business. It owns multiple R&D institutes covering national-level enterprise technology center for energy-saving and environmental protection successfully implementing a number of projects about waste heat utilization and flue gas treatment in building materials industry. Its affiliated enterprise——Wuhan Building Material Industry Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.(hereafter called Wuhan Building Material Institute),has gained the specific class-A qualification for engineering design (atmospheric pollution control engineering) and developed professional team for R&Ddesign and engineering.

       In recent years, Zhejiang Shengwang has positively cooperated with the scientific research and industrial institutes like China Building Materials Academy, Productivity Center of Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd.(hereafter called Productivity Center), and South Cement Company Ltd. acting as pioneers and innovators taking the lead in large-scale trial production of low-temperature SCR catalyst in the industry, which has been applied to 5000t/d cement production line in South Cement with 18 months steady operation. In addition, a production base with an annual output of 15,000 m3 of honeycomb SCR low-temperature denitration catalyst has been built. It is sure that those companies are in forefront of the country in the production and application of SCR low-temperature denitration catalyst in cement kiln, which is of great significance for the control of atmospheric NOx emission in cement, electric power and other industries.


         On the basis of the principle of “ advantage complementation, mutual benefit for win-win outcome and common development”, Sinoma-EC will work together with ZhejiangShengwang, Productivity Center, Wuhan Building Material Institute and other famous industry experts and scholars exerting the advantages of all parties fully in scientific and technological innovation, market resources, engineering capacity and industrial layout and implement all-round cooperation in atmospheric treatment jointly striving to be a leading enterprise in the field of atmospheric treatment and catalytic denitration in Changxing, Zhejiang and making a great contribution to the action of protecting the blue sky of CNBM.


       The signing of this strategic agreement is another new measure for Sinoma-EC to adhere to the main responsibility and business and continuously enhance its comprehensive competitiveness under the strategic guidance of CNBM. It is another masterpiece for Sinoma-EC to create a benchmark enterprise in the atmospheric pollution control industry through model innovation, , mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with well-known industry private enterprises. It fully demonstrates the sense of responsibility of CNBM in implementing the national “Carbon Peak and Neutrality” strategy with practical actions. After the signing of the agreement, He Zhiqiang, Deputy Party Secretary of Changxing County, Zhejiang, Lin Guorong, Party Secretary and President of South Cement Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, and Chen Chao, Party Secretary of Hongqiao Town, Changxing County, had in-depth exchanges on the long-term planning of bilateral cooperation, local policy support and SCR denitration of cement enterprises.



       Wu Zhenqiao, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Shengwang, Dong Lanqi, Chief Engineer of Sinoma-EC and Executive Vice President of Sinoma-EC Central Research Institute, and Cheng Lixia, Vice Minister of Investment and Development Department attended the activity.





SCR——Selective Catalyst Reduction Technology

Under the action of catalyst, SCR technology can promote the reductant ammonia or urea (NH₃) to efficiently reduce NOx in waste flue gas into non-toxic and pollution-free N₂ and H₂O, greatly improving the reaction speed and decreasing ammonia emission, which can be extensively applied in these industries like cement, glass, steel & iron as well as power for the treatment of exhaust nitrogen oxides. The Low temperature SCR with V2O5 and composite rare earth oxides as the main active substances and anatase titanium dioxide as the carrier is a honeycomb denitration catalyst which is made through batching, mixing, filtering, extrusion, drying, calcination, cutting and packaging. The applicable exhaust gas temperature of honeycomb denitration catalyst ranges from 150 to 280 ℃, which can greatly reduce the heat loss, and at this temperature, the influence of sulfur in the flue gas on honeycomb denitration catalyst is very low with the sulfur resistance reaching 2000mg/Nm³ and the NOx emission concentration of treated flue gas less than 30mg/Nm³.