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Sinoma-EC Convening 2021 Professional Title Evaluation Conference

PublishDate:2021-08-25 Source:人力资源部


In order to further promote the construction of professional & technical talent team and perfect the mechanism of professional title evaluation, on the morning of August 25, there was a conference for 2021 professional title evaluation held in Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd. (hereafter called Sinoma-EC) with the Dong Lanqi, Chief Engineer of Sinona-EC, as the chief judge and the vice judge Wang Caixia, Deputy Chief Engineer of Sinoma-EC, as the host of the conference.



  Before the conference, Dong Lanqi led other judges to learn the Interim Measures for Qualification Evaluation of Senior and Intermediate Professional and Technical Posts in EngineeringSeries seriously and for the importance of evaluation discipline, he demanded that all judges must hold an objective and impartial attitude throughout the evaluation adhering to principles and policies for each evaluation object and stressing fairness regardless of the intimacy. 

Subsequently, After listening to the report related to the company’s 2021 professional title evaluation in engineering series, and the introduction of the participants’ learning & working experience, main professional work performance and publication of works and papers, all judges made a fair and impartial review for participants one by one.


Dong Lanqi expressed that professional title evaluation is the talent development engine. This year is the 11th year that the professional title evaluation has been authorized. Over the years, in the process of discovering, selecting and recommending talents, the evaluation work has gained remarkable achievements with the increasing perfection of evaluation methods, the continuous standardization of evaluation procedures, the gradual improvement of evaluation quality and the sound mechanism. Not only has the professional title evaluation promoted the construction of the company’s professional and technical talent team, but also accumulated and reserved valuable high-end talent resources for the company’s reform and development. In the future, the professional title evaluation work should also, as always, give better play to the important role of selecting, evaluating and motivating talents, and play a positive role in promoting the optimization of the structure of Sinoma-EC talent team and improving the quality of talent team.


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The professional title evaluation conference in this year is fair, transparent, open and standardized in all aspects from public registration, qualification review to the final evaluation. 14 judges from the company’s title evaluation committee participated in the evaluation meeting.